Why Rowperfect? New Technology!

Rowperfect Indoor Sculler is revolutionary.
No rowing machine is like it and no other can deliver the great benefits of on-water rowing to everyone who wants to get fit and stay that way for a lifetime.

Developed in 1988 it has helped many elite rowers realise Olympic dreams. The first Rowperfect ever made is still in active use in Tasmania.

In 2010 Rowperfect has been redesigned and named Rowperfect Indoor Sculler. With its recreation of on-water rowing uncompromised, it now brings to everyone the ability to develop true fitness by developing and increasing strength, endurance, coordination and balance faster than any other activity and with a lower risk of injury.

And using it feels great!

On a Rowperfect Indoor Sculler, as on-water, the rower moves with smooth coordinated movements to interact dynamically with the mechanism (boat or flywheel) attached to the feet.

The result is RHYTHM — Real rowing, either on-water or on Rowperfect Indoor Sculler, is one of the most satisfying exercises. 

“Rowing is the most graceful exercise a man can do”  

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, Founder of the modern Olympic Games.