Rowperfect limited tilt seat for balance

The benefits of the limited tilt seat are enormous:

Firstly for your spine - equal loading of both sides of the spinal column is virtually assured, further reducing the potential for injury which has already been substantially mitigated by the dynamic, lightweight resistance mechanism.

Secondly there are substantial benefits for your overall coordination inherent in learning to perform a complex movement like the rowing stroke in a dynamic environment.

And lastly the utilisation of the core muscles we hear so much about is greatly enhanced by the limited tilt seat.

The seat moves, just as a scull's seat slides freely on the tracks as the scull itself slides back-and-forth underneath the rower.

A rowing shell is very finely balanced, sitting as it does on water with the rower on a small seat and with one or two oars in his hands. One of the great benefits of on-water rowing is the development of balance skills. These skills enhance the development of the core strength muscles of the spine and abdomen. Strengthening these muscles and refining their control forms an essential part of the challenge of on-water rowing.


The other important benefit of sitting on a labile (movable) seat is that it encourages symmetrical loading of the spine – balance is only achieved when loading on each side of the seat is equal.

The very first Rowperfect had a non-tilting seat like standard rowing machines. However, following a discussion with a physiotherapist, Casper Rekers realised that a seat which required balance would be of potential benefit to users – and the Rowperfect Limited Tilt was born.

The seat is balanced on four bearings running on the outsides of the main bar. If the seat is unevenly loaded, a tilt of up to 7° is possible to each side – enough to alert the user to that uneven load and then make appropriate changes in his posture and balance to correct it. In a very short time this correction becomes automatic and sub-conscious – a skill has been acquired.

Experience with a wide variety of athletes of various abilities, from Olympic rowing medalists to intellectually disabled athletes, has confirmed the value of the Rowperfect Limited Tilt Seat. We at Rowperfect strongly believe that the long-term benefits of our tilting seat are another clear reason for you to choose the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler Rowing Simulator.