Dynamic Simulation

The dynamic behaviour of a "fixed stretcher" ergometer differs quite considerably from that of a light racing shell floating freely on the water. Rowing on a fixed "ergometer" mimics rowing a boat that doesn't move. Rowing on it, the oarsman moves his mass relative to the environment, back and forth, over the full length of the slides, and there is a major change in velocity at the beginning and end of each stroke. Many athletes who perform well on "fixed stretcher" ergometers are not fast boat movers, and some fast boat movers do not always perform poorly on these ergometers. This makes perfect sense: just as a tennis player practises with a racquet of a certain weight and uses tennis balls rather than cricket balls when practising, for a rower to benefit from land training he or she must ensure the nerve pathways trained on-land are as close as possible to those used in the boat.

The ROWPERFECT rowing simulator does exactly this and therefore is a perfect boat simulator.

On the water, the rower, while moving over the full length of the slide relative to the boat, moves much less in relation to the environment (approximately one fifth of the slidelength), than rowing on a fixed stretcher machine. In this case, the relatively light racing shell moves a lot more than the much heavier rower, and the change in velocity of the rower's body mass is relatively low.

In the ROWPERFECT's patented, mass balanced, design, the precise interplay of rower and boat, floating freely on the water, is faithfully reproduced. The carriage represents the boat - it weighs about the same as your boat (or your part of it), and moves freely on the track - and is dynamically balanced between the leg drive and the hand-draw of the rower on his freely moving seat. The dynamic simulation is complete. Immediately you start on the ROWPERFECT you feel its similarity to the real thing. A real catch, without slack, a solid, fluid stroke, without a shock load on the spine. And in addition a real recovery and a very real warning when it is unsatisfactorily coordinated. Overcompressing knees is not possible on the ROWPERFECT machine. These characteristics effectively prevent injuries of the back and the knees.

Good rowing needs sensitivity towards the boat, and it needs finesse, smoothness and controlled power. Real rowing requires precise coordination of catch and drive. Blades must be in and drawing a split second before the leg drive. The ROWPERFECT rowing simulator is the only rowing machine on which this essential skill can be developed.


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