Fair comparison of rowers of different weight

The RP-Mate Monitor – Real Communication

Sick of ergo scores vastly biased to bigger people? Fixed head ergos by their very design are biased against smaller athletes – the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler takes the “level playing field” to new limits.

Lightweight rowers are usually penalised by traditional ergometers

The RP-Mate adjusts actual time on-water for:

  • Body weight
  • Class of boat

This assists crew selection, race planning and optimising the stroke rate to achieve certain boat speed over the length of the race. Using the RP-Mate, in addition to the standard information, such as time, stroke rate, power and energy dissipated, the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler shows the estimated 500-metre time, corrected for body weight and class of boat. Therefore in comparing results, it does not automatically favour the slow heavyweight at the expense of the more agile lightweight, and thus is a better tool to select the real boat movers. Tests for the single scull mode with top class female and male rowers, ranging in weight from 59 to 95 kgs, have shown that the times calculated by Rowperfect over a 2000 metre course are generally within a margin of a couple of seconds of the actual times rowed in the boat under ideal conditions with near to perfect technique. For rowers whose blade technique is less than optimal, the time is an excellent goal—it represents what they are capable of doing if their bladework was perfect. This provides extra motivation to get in the boat and do it better! Rowperfect Indoor Sculler presents the fairest comparison of performances of oarsmen of different weight. A world first!

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