At last, learn good technique off-water

Rowperfect is the next best thing to being in a boat ...without the early mornings.

The closer an off-water rowing machine is to rowing on-water, the better the training will be for improving actual rowing performance on-water.

Essentially, training is providing the body with stimuli to adapt. The more accurate and sport specific the stimuli, the better the results of the training.

Rowperfect is the first rowing machine to replicate the dynamics of rowing on-water—allowing it to deliver the most sport-specific training available today.

Every other rowing machine in history is a ‘stationary’ ergometer, designed to replicate the dynamics of a boat bolted into the floor. This differs considerably from that of a light racing shell floating freely on the water. Instead of the main part of the movement being done by the boat, it is now the rower who has to do all the movement. The rower moves his mass relative to the environment, back and forth, over the full length of the slides, and the change in velocity at both turning points is high. Stationary rowing machines react similarly to a boat that is infinitely heavy. The heavier the boat, the more the rower has to accelerate and decelerate his body mass during the stroke/recovery cycle and the more force needed. Rowperfect was developed to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional stationary ergometers. Rowperfect is the best simulation of a rowing boat currently available. Start rowing on the Rowperfect and immediately the similarity to the real thing is obvious. A real catch, without the slack that characterises standard rowing machines, is followed by a solid, fluid stroke without a shock load on the spine. A real recovery ensues, with a very real warning when the whole is badly co-ordinated. The dynamics of a floating boat are accurately reproduced in Rowperfect. It is mass balanced in the same way as a racing shell which is floating freely on the water. The flywheel/stretcher carriage represents the boat; its weight matches the average weight of the boat per rower. Both the carriage and the rower are freely movable along the main bar (the water). Similar to the boat, the carriage is balanced dynamically between the force of the legs on the stretcher (the acceleration and deceleration forces of this boat simulating part and the rower) and the force exerted on the handle. The crucial difference between the two photos is that in the right photograph of the original Rowperfect Classic the flywheel carriage slides freely on the main bar. Seemingly a small visual difference becomes a monumental difference.
Once you've tested the Rowperfect (and felt how similar it is to rowing on-water), when you return to a standard rowing machine you'll feel how traditional design (which replicates a boat bolted to the floor) encourages incorrect technique and uses completely different muscles:

Observe the strain on the back and legs and over-compression of the knees, caused by the full body momentum.
Feel how heavy the catch is on the legs
And probably the worst part for rowers—poor technique scores well on stationary ergometers.
Ordinary rowing machines are potentially damaging to backs and knees and bad for technique. As the Rowperfect breaks the learning process into easily managed steps. The result is you can learn to row much quicker, without the bad habits, which are acquired, and then ingrained, when we learn in a boat from day one.

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