Rapid Fitness For Everyone

Rowing's low impact dynamics can keep you fit and active for a lifetime.

But until now, you could only learn and practice rowing by traveling to a boatshed, usually at odd hours of the early morning.

The Rowperfect Indoor Sculler can make rowing accessible more easily than ever before — and that is our aim at Rowperfect.

Why the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler gives a better workout

  • Captures the sensation of real rowing

  • Massively reduces head movement Incredibly time efficient full body workout

  • Compact ergonomic design


This is great Mark. I am still enjoying it and you are right, so much more than the (market-leading rowing machine).

John Eales


A limited number of machines are available for hire (and in some cases even free trial for gyms). Please contact your local agent for details

Even if you’ve never rowed the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler is the best choice.

  • Firstly, the forces on your knees and back are lower than on standard rowing machines, and so mitigates injury.
  • Secondly, the greater challenge involved in balancing using the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler limited tilt seat makes for a more interesting workout and significantly improved core usage and development.
  • Lastly, because your head is not moving large distances with vigorous changes in direction (as is the case in single action machines), the brain is not 'sloshing' around in your skull. This results in less fatigue. An added benefit is the ability to wear a pair of headphones comfortably — listen to your favourite music.

Faced with the choice of rowing in a boat bolted to the floor, or one floating on water, which would you choose? This is essentially the choice gyms users have once a Rowperfect Indoor Sculler is available. The vast majority will obviously choose the ‘floating’ boat the Rowperfect simulates. The initial challenge of mastering a new co-ordination pattern is a plus and the ongoing satisfaction and ‘glide’ of real rowing is truly motivating.

Add to this the far greater range and accuracy of the data available if an RP-Mate is connected and it is easy to see why the majority of users will soon prefer Rowperfect Indoor Sculler feedback over any other rowing machine.

Rowperfect's easy maintenance — especially the ease of cleaning — and strong steel construction are further pluses for operators and staff.

Durability is excellent — the first Rowperfect, produced in 1989, is still going strong. Repairs, if needed, are easy and parts are economical.