RP Mate Monitor

Power-to-Weight Ratio is the basis of rowing speed. The RP-Mate is the only monitor which allows the user to enter body weight for a fair and accurate assessment of boat moving ability.  

Built in Heart Rate Sensor All you need is a chest strap!  

Variable Boat Types Do you want to test your speed in a single scull, pair-oar, coxless four – or fly along in an eight? With an RP-Mate the choice is yours.  

Multi-option Window Choice of up to 9 different factors in the bottom left screen including distance per stroke, average power, average speed, number of strokes, heart rate – even calories burned during a workout! Now with Power per Heartbeat and Stroke Length.  

Choice of Speed or Power Your choice: of speed (expressed as time per 500 metres or metres per second) or power (expressed in Watts).