Benefits in a nutshell

As a total-body, full range-of movement exercise, rowing is an exceptional cross training tool producing multiple physical benefits.

By combining those benefits with the elimination of gravity shocks it becomes almost unique.


Limited-Tilt Seat

One of the great benefits of on-water rowing is the development of balance skills. These skills enhance the development of the core strength muscles of the spine and abdomen & their refinement forms an essential part of the challenge of on-water rowing.

Rowperfect’s labile (moveable) Limited-Tilt Seat increases safety for the user. The labile seat encourages the rower to sit symmetrically, which helps to equalise the loading on each side of the spine. Balance can only be achieved when loading on each side of the seat is equal. 

The seat is balanced on rollers running on the main bar. If the seat is unevenly loaded—a tilt of up to 7 degrees is possible to each side—the user is alerted to that uneven load and makes appropriate changes to his posture and balance to correct it. In a very short time this correction becomes automatic and subconscious: a skill has been acquired.

Experience with a wide variety of athletes of various abilities, from Olympic rowing medalists to intellectually disabled athletes, has confirmed the value of the Limited-Tilt Seat. We at Rowperfect strongly believe that the long-term benefits of our tilting seat are another clear reason for you to choose the Indoor Sculler.


Comparison between Rowing Machine Seats

Differences between Rowperfect Indoor Sculler Limited-Tilt Seat and other Rowing Machine Seats.



Muscle Usage

On the Indoor Sculler, just as in on-water rowing, the gluteal muscles (“glutes”) are the key power producers—on a fixed machine the glutes, hamstrings and hips are under-utilised in comparison to the quads and knees.

The Indoor Sculler truly simulates the complex movements required to row a lightweight scull skimming across the water. Sculling is unique—it uses almost every muscle in the body (in most cases through the full range of movement) with equal loading on both sides of the body. It does so with less cyclic movements per minute than virtually any other aerobic exercise, resulting in less wear-and-tear on the body. Although the muscle contractions are often at or near maximal, no gravity shocks the spine, hips, knees or ankles. The inertial properties of a racing boat and the water resistance it overcomes, produce an optimal load for our muscles. The Lamiflow Flywheel Cage is the result of a major engineering project enabling your Indoor Sculler to reproduce that load—so it feels the same as sculling as well as giving your muscles the perfect workout. Numerous studies have shown that learning a complex skill has enormous and farreaching benefits for people of all ages— better health, including mental health & mental acuity, are proven results. The Limited- Tilt Seat enhances the coordination benefits of the sculling action by adding the element of balance as well as increasing safety.

The end result of all these improvements is Rhythm—and once you’ve felt that rhythm, nothing else compares! We believe the results are clear— you are able to train Strength, Endurance, Coordination and Balance simultaneously. Develop TRUE fitness and strength Faster & Smarter.

Core Strength

We hear a lot about the importance of Core Strength—for good reason.

The core muscles are a major key to performance in virtually all sports, as well as being central in daily life, injury avoidance & rehabilitation.

The Indoor Sculler provides the ultimate core exercise.

In sculling the core is engaged dynamically—used exactly as it should be, as a link between the arms and legs.

Whilst using the Indoor Sculler your core is utilised correctly—you simply cannot row dynamically without the core engaged.


The Indoor Sculler’s design increases safety for the user:

The Limited-Tilt Seat requires the rower to sit symmetrically, equalising the load on the spine thus promoting correct spinal position whilst exercising.

The 17kg Floating Mainframe reduces the inertial forces at the beginning and end of the stroke because the rower’s body speed is six times slower than on a fixed rowing machine. The result is a smoother action—600% less shock absorbed by the rower’s tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Now, the rower can concentrate on applying real power rather than losing energy stopping & starting the body at each end of the stroke; the workout is safer and more efficient.


The Science

“When changing direction at each end of the stroke, the energy involved (kinetic energy) has to reduce to zero. This energy is about 6 times higher with the fly wheel fixed compared to floating, which means the distance required to reverse direction at each end of the stroke will be further. The analogy is that the braking distance for a heavier car will be further than that for a lighter car using the same braking force…. the longer stroke length with the flywheel fixed is a risk factor for injury to the body structures absorbing kinetic energy”

Dr I.Berstein, Mr.O.Webber,

Prof. R. Woledge, Institute of Human Performance, University College, London. 


Both major components of the Indoor Sculler, the flywheel and the seat, are in motion. The result is a true cloning of the rowing experience, a state-of the- art replication of on-water rowing.

You’ll notice when you row on an Indoor Sculler that your head gently rocks one sixth of the distance of that of a “Fixed” rowing machine.

Before the Indoor Sculler all rowing machines—the fixed flywheel design— mimicked rowing a boat which refused to move. The discomfort of straining against a fixed object, rocking your head and upper body back-and-forth 2m every 2-3 seconds, sends excessive force and strain through your skeletal structure and brain.

Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if your head bounced back-and-forward two metres every two to three seconds. That’s exactly what occurs on a fixed rowing machine.

The Indoor Sculler is categorically better for you, short term and long term. As a training tool, the Indoor Sculler will maximise your training results by optimising your personal inputs.



Details of Grosskopf ergonomic handle and Lamiflow variable resistance cage arrow-down




“One thing ... about using a Rowperfect is that it’s actually enjoyable.

I’m sure it’s because it keeps you thinking, and so the boredom factor is greatly reduced. I’ve never heard anyone say that about the (other rowing machine).


Sam M. – Hobart TAS 2010 

Get Fit Stay Fit

By varying the stroke rate, the intensity of a workout can be adjusted easily—just fifteen minutes of high intensity rowing will give even the fittest athlete a great workout.

If you’re time-poor, maximise your time efficiency by combining a total body exercise with a great aerobic workout.


Stand and store in 3 simple moves: