Mitigate injury and fatigue

Better; Safer

Numerous independent University tests have repeatedly proven the Rowperfect to be safer than conventional fixed head rowing machines. On a traditional ergometer, the rower strains against a fixed point, trying to “row” Mother Earth, or a boat which doesn’t move. By allowing the resistance mechanism to slide, and introducing an element of balance to ensure equal loading of the spine, the Rowperfect consistently reduces the forces acting on the rower’s body, especially the forces acting on the knees and lower back at the beginning and end of the stroke. In addition, perhaps most crucially, the total weight of the sliding mechanism is matched to that of the single scull / portion of crew boat, ensuring the “feel” is exact and truly sport-specific.

The Unshaken Brain – A Happier Workout

Rowing on traditional ergos results in excessive motion of the head, which may move more than 1 metre in each direction each stroke - over 2 metres every stroke! The result is a shaken brain and central nervous system, and fatigue is a real problem. On the Rowperfect, the only head movement is a gentle rocking motion – a reduction in head movement of up to 1.5 metres per stroke. Recent studies at the Australian Institute of Sport demonstrate that power output during exercise can improve by up to 7% with the addition of music. For those who love to wear headphones when training the Rowperfect represents a quantum leap forward, another benefit of a smaller range of head movement.


Hamstring/Quad Balance – indicating Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) protection