How to train

Your rowing schedule - what do you do on the erg, for how long etc?

There are a few rules, the most important being that quality of work generally beats quantity every time.

My favourite training rule is Obree's law, (Graham Obree broke the 1 hour record for cycling after it stood for >30 years) which goes :

Do ten minutes - if you feel good train just below the pain threshold for as long as you have available. If you feel ordinary after ten minutes, give up - you need rest, you're getting sick - or both.

Mark Campbell

Most people train too hard!

Many people feel that to gain the maximum benefit from training they need to train hard.

Not so!

In training too hard, the energy required is made using the body’s anaerobic lactate system. Great when you need a quick boost, but when used regularly in training, it leads to inefficiency, then exhaustion, and ultimately injury.

Why make training hard work when you can get the same benefits by training within your personal limits? By keeping training within aerobic energy production, by measuring lactate and heart rate, training is easier, more enjoyable and more effective at increasing fitness as linger training sessions re possible. Workload can be increased as fitness increases. Enjoyment is essential!

As an added benefit fat metabolism occurs only when training moderately. For more information refer to article “Lactivity Sport and Lactate; Sports Medicine Principles.”