Cross Education

Develop Core Strength, Eliminate Bilateral Deficits, Recover From Injury Faster

Much recent research points to the benefits of exercising one limb, and particularly one leg, at a time.

A unique feature of he Rowperfect Indoor Sculler is the ability to easily row one-legged.

Simply remove one foot from the footstraps and rest it on the floor, slightly to the side.

Particularly when used in conjunction with the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler RP-Mate, and under qualified supervision, this feature can help identify and then eliminate bilateral deficits; a relative weakness of one limb compared to its opposite—a very common trait. And whether we have a bilateral deficit or not, there is no doubt that rowing the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler one-legged will certainly increase Core Stability - often in a surprisingly short time, as the rower is quite literally forced to brace the core in order to take even a single stroke.

How can one legged rowing assist injury recovery?

Thanks to a well-documented nervous system adaptation known as cross education.

The nerves of a limb or muscle group are stimulated when its pair is exercised—the Rowperfect Indoor Sculler can be used to train the opposite leg as part of a recovery program.

Of course as the injured leg recovers, it will be exceedingly easy to monitor the true gains in both strength and coordination of that leg by using the Rowperfect RP-Mate monitor!