Prominent Users

Two multiple World Champion lightweight single scullers, Frans Göbel and Peter Haining recognised the ROWPERFECT rowing simulator as an essential tool in the preparation for their world championships, to improve their technique.

Cambridge University Boat Club and recently also Oxford University Boat Club, the GB eight, Rob Waddell, Greg Searle and other scullers are well aware of it's advantages.

Younger crews have also gained considerable benefit e.g. Radley College (1997 National Schools Champion, 1998 Princess Elizabeth), St. Edwards (1999 Princess Elizabeth), Hampton (1999 National Schools Champion).

Prominent coaches

Such as Sam le Compte (Tasmanian Institute of Sports), Harry Mahon (G.B. sculling coach and Cambridge U.B.C.), Martin McElroy (G.B. Eight coach), Tim McLaren (U.T.S.Haberfield Sydney and Cambridge U.B.C) and Robin Williams (Cambrigde U.B.C. Chief Coach) who have been using the ROWPERFECT rowing simulator extensively for prolonged periods, characterise the machine as fully boat compatible and an unsurpassed tool for improving rowing technique and synchronizing crews.

Rowperfect at the Sydney Olympic Games

12 crews and scullers we know of - there may be others who are keeping it quiet!
• GOLD: M8+, M2-, ML4- (selected on Rowperfect, training not known) M1x (stopped use early in 2000)
• BRONZE: M4-, M8+
• Finalists: South African M2-, F2-, ML4-

At the World Championships 2002 in Sevilla, Spain
• Gold : M1x Marcel Hacker, LM1x Sam Lynch, W4x GER
• Silver : M2- RSA, M4- GBR, LM4x ESP
• Bronze : LM2- GBR

Prominent Users 


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Main results 

NED, Frans Göbel  

April 1989

WC 1989 LM1x » Gold

WC 1990 LM1x » Gold

WC 1991 LM1x » Silver

Peter Haining  

Winter 1992-1993

WC 1993 LM1x » Gold

WC 1994 LM1x » Gold

WC 1995 LM1x » Gold

Cambridge UBC  

Winter 1992-1993

Seven consecutive wins over Oxford

FRA, Rolland/Andrieux  


WC 1997 M2- » Gold

WC 1999 M2- » Silver

OG 2000 M2- » Gold

GBR, Greg Searle  

Winter 1996-1997

WC 1997 M1x » Bronze

OG 2000 M2- » 4th

Rob Waddell  

January 1998

WC 1998 M1x » Gold

WC 1999 M1x » Gold

OG 2000 M1x » Gold

Waddell still holds the World's Best Time, 6.36, set in 1999 in the Single Scull.



WC 1998 LM4- » Bronze

WC 1999 LM4- » Silver

OG 2000 LM4- » Silver

AUS, M4-  


WC 1999 M4- » Silver

WC 1999 M4- » Silver

OG 2000 M4- » Bronze

GBR, M8+  


WC 1999 M8+ » Silver

OG 2000 M8+ » Gold

IRL, Sinead Jennings  


WC 2001 LW1x » Gold

IRL, Sam Lynch  


WC 2001 LM1x » Gold

IRL, LM2-  


WC 2001 LM2- » Gold

GBR, M4-  


WC 2001 M4- » Gold

WC 2002 M4- » Silver

CZE, Michal Vabroušek 



GER, Marcel Hacker  


WC 2002 M1x » Gold

GER, W4x  


WC 2002 W4x » Gold

GBR, M4+  


WC 2002 M4+ » Gold

RSA, M2-  


WC 2001 M2- » Bronze

WC 2002 M2- » Silver

GBR, LM4+  


WC 2002 LM4+ » Silver

ESP, LM4x  


WC 2002 LM4x » Silver

ESP, Maria Mas de Xaxars  


WC 2002 LW1x » Bronze

GBR, LM2-  


WC 2002 LM2- » Bronze

Juri Jaanson  


OG 2004 » Silver




WC=World Championship - OG=Olympic Games - M=Men - LM=Men Lightweight - W=Women - WL=Women Lightweight