Warning - The Rowing simulator comprises moving parts.

In general these parts are shielded and shrouded to mitigate the potential for injury due to deliberate or inadvertent mishandling.

Never remove any of the protective covers or screens.

Never introduce any part of the body into or under the moving mechanisms of the simulator.

Ensure the simulator is stored in a location where Infants or children cannot gain access and inadvertently set the simulator moving mechanisms into motion.


  • Ensure that it is not dangerous for you to undertake a strenuous exercise. Consult your physician!
  • Always warm up properly. For example rowing easily for 5 to 10 minutes at a pulse frequency of 120 to 130 strokes per minute.
  • Although the unit easily permits it, do not row at a higher stroke rate than you would be capable of rowing in a boat.


  • Properly install the rowing simulator with the main bar at the correct inclination. Adjust the inclination when front or hind leg is being touched by the main frame or the seat, by raising slightly the side that is being touched.
  • The ROWPERFECT machine has not been designed for use in the vicinity of children. Keep children away when exercising.
  • Allow for 1 m of clear space around the machine when in use.
  • Keep spectators at more than an arms length from the rotating flywheel and the moving main frame.
  • Never touch the rotating flywheel, and do not touch the main frame when in use.
  • Always pull the handle with two hands, and do not bend, twist or kink the chain. Any abuse of the chain may result in injury.
  • Always place the handle into the handle hooks or against the cage before letting go. Never let the handle fly into the cage.
  • Avoid ties, shawls or other clothing from being sucked into the cage by the rotating flywheel.
  • Prevent objects from falling or being thrown into the rotating fan.
  • Wear tight clothing and keep clothing free from the seat rollers.
  •  Maintain your machine properly as recommended (see Maintenance)
  • Replace worn or defective parts before using the unit.

In general: Treat your ROWPERFECT rowing simulator with the same loving care as you would treat the real racing boats it so closely simulates.