What is a Rowperfect Indoor Sculler,
and why is it the best rowing machine you can buy?

Rowing is aguably the best complete body workout, training strength, endurance, coordination and balance simultaneously, with the added bonus of an extremely satisfying rhythm and the lowest repetitions per minute of any endurance training, thus reducing the wear-and-tear on the joints.

We believe the Indoor Sculler is the best indoor exercise machine in the world. It represents the product of a ten year project undertaken to introduce the great benefits of on-water rowing to a wider audience.

Every "Sculler" contains 18 (eighteen) kilos of stainless steel for maximum durability and longevity with minimal maintenance. Quality Australian manufacture and engineering ensures you can expect years of trouble-free use, and the few wearing parts can be replaced using simple tools when required.

The result is an amazing training tool for rowers and non-rowers alike with proven results for fitness and rehabilitation from injury including musculo-skeletal and brain/neurological injury.

Machine comparison - two rowers side by side demonstrating variation in movement and inertia

The lightweight moving mainframe reduces forces acting on joints by up to 600%, mitigating injury risk substantially compared to fixed rowing machines

Brain oscillation forces - a proven cause of fatigue - are also radically reduced (again, 600% less than a fixed "rower"). Workout for longer and enjoy it more. Unique action simultaneously develops strength, coordination, balance and endurance.

Suitable for ages 8 to 80 and abilities ranging from elite athletes to non-athletes.

The critical change from a fixed to a dynamic rowing system is revolutionary. It represents as great a development for human exercise as the step between the Penny Farthing & the chain-driven bicycle.